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1. What you have learned about yourself and your particular management strengths;

2. Two to three of the most useful management techniques that have been offered in the
text and in class discussions;

3. What you have learned about the global marketplace.
Using the above three criterion, design your ideal position.

The purpose of this paper is to take management theories presented in this class and the text and apply them to
themselves. You are to identify their own particular management strengths and to consider
two to three of specific management tools offered in this class. You need to then apply that
information and design and explain what they feel would be their ideal work role and
environment. This is going to be a personal paper that is backed up by the data from this class.

This paper is to address the following questions:

• What are the student’s strengths?

• What management concept best fits with the student’s strengths?

• How would the management concepts in this class be utilized to create the utopia job
for the student?

• Why would the proposed role and environment best fit the student’s strengths?

• What would be two to three specific boundaries, authority, role and tasks that would
be a part of the utopian job?

• How does this job fit in with the four responsibilities of management: Planning,
Organizing, Controlling and Leading?


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