​Values in the United States

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for this assignment follow the instructions below please only bid if you have access to the book TEXTBOOK: Communication Between Cultures, Samovar, 9TH ed., Samovar, L., Porter, R., McDaniel, E., Wadsworth, ISBN:13- 978-1-285-44462-8

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Values in the United States

  • Individualism
  • Equal opportunity
  • Material Acquisition
  • Science and technology
  • Progress and change
  • Work and play
  • Competitive nature

Consider the common values listed above. Identify and interpret each in a negative way as well as a positive. For example, individualism can encourage people to be self-reliant and resistant to pressure from others. On the other hand it might ignore inter-relationships and the responsibilities and consequences of being individualistic in the larger society.

Consider the implications of each of these values. Is there a possibility of too much of something? Can we be too competitive?


  • Consult Chapter 6 and use the tables there on high & low context cultures to help you. Make a list of the best positive aspects for each value(maybe expressed as attitudes) and those regarded as negative values.
  • Choose one of those values that you consider to be at the top of your list to function effectively with those of different cultural backgrounds. Why is that important?
  • How might you think differently about some of these values independent of the dominant cultural values? For example what would you think/feel if you were from a differing cultural background?
  • How would you guard against the negative manifestations of the values without compromising the value itself? (For example: You want your spouse/friends to always be honest with you. How will you cope if you discover a lie)?

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