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  1. The Great Depression – Crisis and Response of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government


  1. The paper should be single spaced and 3-4 pages long
  2. There should be an Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion
  3. The Main Body can have a title of your choosing and can have subsections
  4. If you cite someone else’s work, please put it at the end under References

This should cover a brief summary of
the issue or market or Policy being

Main Body:
This section must cover the following:

  1. Description of the Crisis or
    Policy or Market and
    Participants including
    relevant dates
  2. Changes that occurred in the
    above (for example
    worsening of a crisis, or new
    regulations affecting a
    market or sector)
  3. Resolution of the Crisis,
    current state of the policy or
    current state of market or

Conclusion:Briefly summarize your paper with
some thought given to lessons
learned from the crisis, policy or

Spellings, Grammar and Typos


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