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VED_TSK2_A3/Agile Team Charter Template.docx

Agile Team Charter Template

To complete this template, replace the bracketed text with the relevant information.

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[Insert Project Title]



Business Case/Vision

(value to attain)

[Insert response.]

Mission Statement

(result to accomplish)

[Insert response.]

Project Team

(team members and roles)

[Insert response.]

Success Criteria

Start date: [Insert date.]

Expected completion date: [Insert date.]

Final deliverable: [Insert deliverable.]

Key project objectives: [Insert objectives.]

Key Project Risks

[Insert response.]

Rules of Behavior

(values and principles)

[Insert response.]

Communication Guidelines

(scrum events and rules)

[Insert response.]



VED_TSK2_A3/Initial Client Meeting Animation Text-Only Version (1).docx

Initial Client Meeting Animation Text-Only Version

Slide 1:

Meet the agile team! Click on each member of the team to learn about their role. After reading all of the information, click “Next” to continue.

Product Owner: Meet Christy, the Product Owner for this project. The Product Owner’s primary responsibilities are to:

Provide direction to the team on what will be built

Prioritize the work to be done

Maximize the value of the product and the work of the development team

Client: Meet Amanda, our client and the President of SNHU Travel. SNHU Travel is a leading travel agency. Amanda is seeking to expand the client base with new tools for their customers.

Scrum Master: Meet Ron, the Scrum Master. As Scrum Master, Ron is responsible for:

Ensuring effective Product Backlog management

Helping the development team to create high-value products

Removing challenges slowing the development team’s progress

Facilitating Scrum events

Tester: Meet Brian, the tester. The tester is responsible for:

Defining acceptance criteria and acceptance tests

Clarifying any ambiguity found in the code and user stories

Executing tests and analyzing results

Collaborating with the team to resolve issues and defects

Developer: Meet Nicky, the developer. The developer is responsible for:

Designing and developing code according to solid software engineering practices

Participating in peer reviews

Collaborating with the team to produce just enough design so that we have room to iterate

Slide 2:

In this module, Amanda (client) meets with Christy (Product Owner) and Ron (Scrum Master). Amanda is interested in developing a way to expand the SNHU Travel customer base by getting into trendy, niche vacation packages.

Slide 3:

Christy and Amanda are talking. Christy, the Product Owner, speaks. “Welcome, Amanda! We’re very excited about working with you! Can you tell me a bit about what you are hoping to achieve?”

Slide 4:

Amanda, the client, replies, “SNHU Travel has been one of the top travel agencies in New Hampshire for the last 10 years. We’ve stayed on top because we are able to get great deals for the places where our clients want to travel.”

Slide 5:

Amanda, the client, continues, “We need to get our travel site up and ready in five weeks because that is when the public starts to think about vacation travel for the year.”

Slide 6:

Christy (Product Owner) responds to Amanda (client): “Sounds great! Let’s discuss this with Ron, our Scrum Master.”

Slide 7:

Christy (Product Owner) and Amanda (client) are now in a room with Ron, the Scrum Master. Amanda begins, “We’ve been thinking about ways to expand our presence. We feel that offering trendy, niche vacation packages will gain us a much larger audience within the United States.”

Slide 8:

Ron (Scrum Master) replies, “Alright. I’ve heard you state your epic goal of creating a niche vacation booking system. I will need to assemble an agile team including a tester, a developer, and a Product Owner.”

Slide 9:

Christy (Product Owner) replies, “Great! As the Product Owner, I will get started creating and prioritizing the Product Backlog.”

Slide 10:

Ron (Scrum Master) continues. “The next steps for our Scrum team are to create our agile team charter, and schedule the Scrum events like Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Retrospective, and Backlog Refinement.”



As the Scrum Master for the agile team responsible for the product development, you will develop an agile team charter to help your team be more effective. You will approach this by creating roles. You will also reflect on a sample Daily Scrum meeting, considering its format and effective practices.


As the Scrum Master for the agile team responsible for the product development, you will develop an agile team charter to help your team be more effective. You will also reflect on a sample Daily Scrum meeting, considering its format and effective practices.

1. Review the 
Initial Client Meeting AnimationPPT, which presents the Scrum Master’s initial interactions with the Product Owner of the software project for SNHU Travel. A text-only version is available here: 
CS 250 Initial Client Meeting Animation Text-Only Version Word Document. Then, review the 
Agile Manifesto for Software Development (

and a sample 
Free Agile Team Charter Template (

to get a sense of how the agile principles affect a Scrum Team.

2. Next, using the 
CS 250 Agile Team Charter Template Word Document, write a cohesive agile team charter that briefly describes the SNHU Travel project, and suggests some behaviours and communication practices for your team.
Note: Normally, this type of document would have input from the whole agile team, but for the purposes of this class, you will fill this out on your own.

3. Review this sample 
Daily Scrum Meeting video ( ). Reflect on the format and effective practices of a Daily Scrum by addressing the following:

a. What are the key questions that can be used to frame a Daily Scrum meeting? How do they help the team achieve their goals?

b. How does the Scrum Master help facilitate the Daily Scrum throughout the video? Consider both the Scrum Master’s own updates and times when she responded to team members.

c. What things did the Scrum Master do effectively? How could she improve?

Guidelines for Submission

Use the provided Agile Team Charter Template to complete this artifact. Then use Microsoft Word to reflect on the importance of the Daily Scrum. This document should be 1 to 2 pages in length. Any sources used should be cited according to APA style.


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