Video link to watch Question 1 Great Waves of Hokusai is an oil painting. True False Question 2 In Gonzalez-Torres’s Untitled (Portrait of Ros

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Video link to watch

Question 1

Great Waves of Hokusai is an oil painting.

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Question 2

In Gonzalez-Torres’s Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), what does the candy signify?

A.  The colors signify the happy memories of Ross.

B. The candy signifies mass production.

C.  The weight of the candy represents the healthy body weight of Ross who died of AIDS.

D. This is a work of pop art because it uses candy.

Question 3

The Cornell box demonstrates conceptual unity.



Question 4

What medium does artist Joseph Cornell work with?

A. mixed media arranged in boxes

B.  woodcut prints

C. acrylic painting

D. photography

Question 5

Anthropométries by Yves Klein is was painted with a paintbrush and blue paint.



Question 6

What meaning does the eating of the candy NOT have?

A.  As we eat the candy, we reflect upon the larger issue of AIDS and gay rights.

B. As we take a piece of candy, the pile gets smaller and smaller like the shrinking weight of Ross.

C.  As a society we have failed to protect ADIS victims like Ross. In this sense, It signifies a sense of cannibalism.

D. As we eat the candy we think about racial injustice.

Question 7

Portrait of Ross encourages viewer participation.



Question 8

Which of the following  is INCORRECT about Anthropométries by Yves Klein?

A.  It is a performance piece.

B.  He used a special patented blue color.

C. It is a historic sculpture.

D.  He hired models to roll in paint in the nude and make imprints of their bodies on a canvas.

Question 9

A _____________________ is the material on or from which an artist chooses to make a work of art—for instance, canvas and oil paint, marble, engraving, video, architecture.

A.  genre

B. matter art

C.  supplies

D.  medium

Question 10

The Millinery Shop by Degas is at the Chicago Art Institute.  The Art Institute is both a  very famous art school and a very famous art museum. Follow the link and view this art piece: The Millinery Shop.

What is the main design element you see?

A.  Repetition

B. Line

C.  Scale

D. Contrast

Question 11

In a few sentences, briefly describe how Portrait of Ross challenges your understanding of a portrait.

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