Views on Diversity..

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Pablo believes that diversity is the most important issue in our
culture, and that it is greatly underemphasized. On the other hand,
Ralph rarely thinks of diversity, except when it is mentioned in the
workplace. Monica is sensitized to multicultural issues because her
parents are immigrants who still struggle with discrimination after
being here for 20 years.

To obtain a cross-section of what people think about
diversity, conduct five-minute interviews with three individuals you
don’t know well, and assess their views on diversity.
You have been provided an Informed Consent
document for the respondents to sign along with verbally consenting to
participate in this assignment. This is to enable that the respondents
demonstrate a clear understanding of the meaning and purpose of this
assignment. While you are expected to use the informed consent form in
keeping with ethical practices for data collection, you do not need to
submit it to the instructor as part of the assignment.

Ask the respondents the following questions and record their answers:

  • When you hear the word diversity mentioned in the
    workplace, in the media, or in casual conversation, what meaning do you
    assign this term?
  • Does a particular race, ethnic group, or other
    minority group come to mind when you think of diversity? Does one of
    these groups pertain to you?
  • Do you think the majority of people in our culture:
    • Respect cultural differences among groups of people.
    • Show indifference to cultural differences.
    • Lack respect for cultural differences. Explain each choice.
  • If you were to make a suggestion about how our
    culture should handle diversity over the next decade, what would
    it be?

Compile your responses and write a brief reflection paper
(two pages) on your findings. Specifically address the following

  • What did you discover was the general attitude toward diversity in our culture?
  • Is diversity more associated with one race, ethnic,
    or other minority group than with others? If so, explain why this might
    be the case.
  • Compare and contrast the respondent’s views with your own. How would you answer the same questions?

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