Watch 28 Minute Video/Read Article – 3 Paragraph Summary

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View the following video:…

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What happens when we lock up juvenile offenders in adult prisons? “Stickup Kid,” a FRONTLINE digital exclusive, tells the story of Alonza Thomas — sent to adult prison in California at age 16 — and how spending over a decade behind bars impacted him.

Read the article:…

Fully paraphrase all source material. Do NOT use direct quotations.

Articles to Use for Reference:…


The Prompt (after watching video and reading article):

Respond to the following discussion questions in one essay;<<<<

1. What were some of the challenges Alonza had to overcome once he was released from prison? Were any of these challenges solely related to his youth? Explain.

2. How did incarceration seem to affect Alonza’s mental health? Be specific.

3. What was the importance of Alonza’s family support upon his release? How successful do you think he would have been in reintegrating into the community if he did not have a strong support structure?

4. In the article… the authors discuss many different negative effects of incarcerating juvenile offenders. Browse this article and find two problems that are affecting Alonza’s transition back into the community. Provide an explanation for each as to why it applies to Alonza’s experience or current situation.

5. Conclusion: Add your thoughts and opinions on this topic. What did you learn about the problems associated with incarcerating youthful offenders? What do you feel are some of the most important points or facts in the Dangers of Detention article? How can we help these offenders reintegrate back into society after they are released?

A good conclusion should be a minimum of 4-5 thoughtful scholarly sentences.

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