We know that substance abuse and depression/anxiety have a high comorbidity, psychology homework help

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Chapters 10 and 11, as well as outside research on best practices.

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Based on the reading, please answer the following.

We know that substance abuse and depression/anxiety have a high comorbidity.

1. Reflect on the developmental differences that occur in substance abusers, as well as the 5 characteristics of depression and the symptoms of anxiety discussed in chapter 10. How might a client with this comorbidity present in treatment, and what might be there needs within the treatment context? (5 points)

2. Imagine you are a couples therapist treating this client and their partner. Using one or more theories from Chapter 11 (Sternberg, O’Leary, etc), as well as the pattern of marital satisfaction, how might this client’s comorbid presentation effect the relationship. BE SPECIFIC! (5 points)

3. What might be some evidence-based treatment interventions to both assess and treat this individual within individual and couples therapy? (5 points)


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