Week 1: Activist Profile

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Through this assignment you will gain familiarity with work being done by an environmental activist and consider the long-term impacts of his or her work.

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Identify an environmental activist that is working domestically or internationally to create change.

Research your selected environmental activist.

You need to include the activist’s information, including the following.

  • Picture
  • Name
  • Birth date (and death date, if applicable)
  • Town(s)/country
  • Education/employment
  • Biography, which shows why he or she is considered an activist for environment (a paragraph including information on the following)
    • How did they get started?
    • What kinds of visions do they have for environmental change?
    • What motivates them to continue in the face of adversity?
    • What do they get out of doing this?
    • Critical review of activist and their activism
    • Identify a contemporary environmental movement or success related to the work of this activist.
    • What actions seem to be most effective? Why?
    • What barriers did the activist run into? Why? Any recommendations to overcome these barriers?
    • How did this activist alter the course of the environmental movement?
    • What contemporary environmental struggles continue the legacy of this activist?
    • Quotes (at least two)

Every item needs to be supported by research. Use at least two scholarly sources and provide APA citation information.


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