week 3 complete assignment. Need done as soon as possible.

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After reading Case Study 4, “Gaining Outside Commitment in Lowell, Massachusetts” and Case Study 5, “Leading Change in Riverside California (the case studies are located at the end of the weekly reading assignment), identify and compare and contrast the police executive styles utilized by Chiefs Davis and Fortier.

Discuss the internal and external roles displayed by both chiefs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each chief’s style as they directly apply to Davis and Fortier?

If you were mayor appointing your next chief and were down to two candidates; Chief Davis and Chief Fortier. Who would you choose and why?

all the information for this assignment is below. book is “police administration by Cordner

External role pg191

policing styles pg204-208

Case study 4 pg 486

case study 5pg 489


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