week 3 response 1

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I need to respond to this is APA format and 300-400 words

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What does honor mean to you?

To me, and according to Fisher and Martini (2004), honor is the opposite of lying, cheating, or stealing. Merriam-Webster defined “honor” as having a good name or public esteem (reputation)—a showing of unusually merited respect (recognition) or privilege. The antonyms for honor are debasement, degradation, denunciation, derision, disgrace, dishonor, disrespect, and humiliation. C.S. Lewis wrote “honor is not simply a virtue, but a form of a virtue at its testing point”, Fisher and Martini (2004). According to Schwartz, Tatum, and Hageman (2013), college students’ honor and their perceptions of cheating varied in traditional, modified, and non-honor systems. At Regent University, a private, nontraditional university system, honor refers to how the student body accepts God’s grace, which is by respecting the other students and the instructors in the light of God’s grace and honoring the commitment to getting an education at Regent University.

Who are some of the leaders who have shown exceptional honor and courage?

General Patton used to say that honor and courage are just fear hanging on for one minute longer (Fisher & Martini, 2004). Patton’s accolades include commanding the U.S. Seventh Army and the U.S. Third Army; attaining the rank of general in the U.S. Army Cavalry; and receiving the Distinguished Service Cross, the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, and many other notable awards.

Teddy Roosevelt is another leader who showed exceptional honor. Roosevelt was an American statesman and writer who became the 26th president of the United States and governor of the state of New York, and his face is depicted on Mt. Rushmore. Roosevelt also won the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize.

In a chapter entitled “Honor, Courage, and Commitment,” Fisher and Martini (2004) stated that learning how to inspire leadership requires a steadfast commitment to something higher than oneself.


Fisher, R. S., & Martini, P. J. (2004). Inspiring leadership: Character and ethics matter. King of Prussia, PA: Academic Leadership.

Schwartz, B. M., Tatum, H. E., & Hageman, M. C. (2013). College students’ perceptions of and responses to cheating at traditional, modified, and non-honor system institutions. Ethics & Behavior, 23(6), 463.


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