What are the elements of fraud?

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For Milestone, submit an introduction to fraud as it applies to your case study analysis (Enron Scandal). Consider the elements of fraud, the theories of crime
causation, red flags of evidence based on the elements of the fraud triangle, regulatory and legal factors in preventing and/or detecting fraud, and developments
in the accounting industry that impact fraud investigation.

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a) What are the elements of fraud and the importance of studying fraud? How does knowledge of fraud benefit stakeholders beyond the
accounting department?

b) What are the different theories of crime causations? How does the identification of the cause of the fraud assist the investigator in determining
the perpetrator and the extent of the crime? Provide specific examples that link crime causation to the perpetrator and the crime.

c) Use the fraud triangle to discuss red flags of evidence of pressure, opportunity, and rationalization typically present when fraud occurs. Be sure
to link each red flag to a specific area of the fraud triangle.

d) Describe the regulatory and legal factors that impact the prevention and/or detection of fraud.
e) Explain the recent developments that impact the accounting industry and specifically the fraud investigation. Consider linking previous cases of
fraud to changes in the fraud investigation.

The Enron scandal is often referred to as one of the largest accounting frauds in history. Enron was a commodities and energy company formed after a merger of
Houston Natural Gas and Internorth. In October 2001, the SEC launched an investigation into Enron’s financial statements. The main issues regarding this fraud
include accounting treatment of special purpose entities and derivatives.
The Spotlight on Enron webpage on the SEC website lists numerous litigation releases regarding the company.


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