What Great Managers Do-Small assignment help

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Please make sure that each part of this assignment is addressed…Absolutely no PLAGIARISM!!! I have attached the article but please also use another academic source. Must include in-text citations, as well as references at the end…

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What Great Managers Do

Think of the best manager you’ve ever had. What were the qualities, characteristics, and behaviors that made him or her so great? How did this manager employ the three levers” that are discussed in the article “What Great Managers Do”?

In crafting your answer, include headings for each of the three levers to clearly delineate your analysis for each one.

Remember – citing assigned course materials is encouraged to demonstrate tie-in to concepts covered, but it is not considered outside research for the purposes of our discussions in graduate courses. Please use at least one other reference…Prior to the article attached and add the free link for the article.

Things about my favorite manager:

She’s is not a micro manager and allows me autonomy to complete tasks/projects.

She gives me credit for work or tasks completed.

She acknowledges my strengths and weaknesses.

She recognizes that I am very capable of handling any tasks assigned to me.

She understands that I am a “doer” as has no issues in assigning me difficult tasks with minimal instructions.

She is confident that I am able to ask or seek help when needed.


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