What is the difference between composition and improvisation, writing homework help

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Be sure to provide a 10-12 sentence answer for each question which clearly demonstrates your understanding of each question.

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Here are the questions:

1 What is the difference between composition and improvisation? Discuss the continuum between the two processes and include what resources composers and improvisers draw on to fashion their own unique creations.

2 How would you define the subject of musical texture and how does texture relate to density? What are the four main categories in which Western music scholars have classified texture?

3 What are some of the ways that music and technology have always been intertwined and how do electronic instruments and studio techniques open a wide range of possibilities for creative musicians?

4 Why does every sound have a distinctive timbre and how is timbre related to tradition, technique, and structure, as well as to an individual’s expertise and sensitivity?

5 As in the Midterm, please choose your three favorite videos presented at the Moodle site for this class from chapters 7-12. Explain their importance to your understanding of the specific chapter and music in general and why you chose them to be among your top 3.

6 Our class has been very short but I hope you have learned some new approaches to understanding music. In your “Exploring the World of Music” discuss the three most significant changes using 10-12 sentences to explain your new perspective regarding the profound expression of creativity we call music.


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