What is the importance of description to the author’s theme, in Ernest Hemingway’s “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place”?

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Please complete the entire essay for me. Must be 4-6 pages long. Include a works cited page.

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I have attached my rough draft you can use that to complete the essay. PLEASE FINISH THE ENTIRE ESSAY FOR ME.


  • Explain your interpretation of one or more of the texts in a clear and thorough manner.
  • Explain how you arrived at your interpretation using textual evidence and close reading to support your points.
  • Have a debatable, arguable thesis statement at the end of the introduction which is original and contains your interpretation of the text(s).
  • Include a thoughtful discussion of at least one literary era/genre and explain how your interpretation is shaped by both the era and the tenets of the movement.
  • Use textual evidence to support your points and include a sufficient ANALYSIS of the quotations used. Do not simply drop a quotation in your essay just for the sake of using the quotation. Make the quotations WORK FOR YOU.
  • Have a CREATIVE title for your essay.
  • Follows MLA Format with a header and a Works Cited page that lists all cited materials.
  • Cite all in-text quotes in MLA Format, i.e. (Author’s Last Name page number if applicable).
  • Be 4-6 pages in length.

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