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(1st one need a response) When it comes to drug and alcohol, it not only affects the person with the addiction, but others around them as well. The effects on family, friends and even society are felt. Around 80% of those incarcerated were on drugs or drunk when they committed their crimes. Crimes such as domestic violence, DUI’s, and property offenses (Wilcox, 2017). Not everyone who drinks or does drugs will commit a crime. Those with severe addictions are more likely, however. There are sociological factors that play a role in why one may commit crimes while under the influence. Those can be living conditions, family, employment, marital status, and mental health (“Crime and Substance Abuse”, 2017). When someone commits a crime, they can be robbing someone to pawn items for cash to support their drug addiction. Someone can abuse their spouse because they are so intoxicated they can’t control themselves.

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I would like to think that all those with an addiction of any kind would receive help before being incarcerated. Of course, that can’t be the case when someone commits a violent crime. Those who commit non-violent crimes should receive treatment first. One, the jails are too overpopulated to be housing those who have not committed violent crimes. This is safe to say no matter an addiction. By providing treatment to those with an addiction instead of throwing them into the system, we are giving them a chance to make better choices. To kick their addiction and never hurt anyone in the future. Someone who has committed a non-violent crime, aren’t sent to prison, then let go without treatment options, are more likely to return to jail after committing a violent crime. If their addiction is not treated, they quite possibly will offend again, and that may result in violence.

2nd one

It is a common misunderstanding that drug use does not cause violent or criminal behavior, but brings these behaviors out of the user. Therefore, those who become violent only do so because they are normally violent. There are three drugs that are more commonly associated with crimes and these are heroin, OxyContin, and Vicodin. Heroin is known to lead to money producing crimes. OxyContin and Vicodin lead more towards crimes of robberies of pharmacies and fraud. Narcotics in low doses can lead the users to violent behaviors, but narcotics in high doses can cause the user to have little energy and they are unlikely to do anything. When it comes to alcohol, it does not cause the user to become violent, but causes the user to act on violent tendencies they had prior. (Bartol C.R & Bartol A.M, 2016).

When it comes to non-violent offenders who have a drug or alcohol problem, I believe they should be punished with rehabilitation. For those who have a drug problem, I understand they are breaking the law as they purchased and used drugs, but there is something more important. They have an addiction problem, and it needs to be treated. Going to prison will punish them for the length of their sentence, but have a high chance of going back to use drugs when they are released. If they went to rehabilitation, they would work on over coming their addiction so when they are released they will live how they did prior to drugs, if not better. They will be healthy, happy, and less likely to go back to using drugs therefore keeping them out of trouble in the future. When it comes to those who are alcoholics I believe they should also go to rehabilitation because first of all they are not breaking any laws, purchasing and drinking alcohol is completely legal. Second, they also have an addiction problem and rehabilitation would be beneficial to increase their happiness, better their personal relationships, and be healthier.


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