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For this journal, I would like you to watch and reflect on the documentery “Where to Invade Next.” The title is misleading. The film has nothing to do with military invasion. Rather, the film focuses on policies that other countries have that the United States doesn’t and considers whether the United States should adopt those policies. Full disclosure: The film is by Michael Moore, who is politically liberal, so conservatives in the class may be turned off by it at the outset. However, I think if you give the film a chance everyone liberal and conservative alike should derive benefit from it regardless of their political leanings.

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The main question at the heart of the film is what are policies that other countries have that might be worth adopting in the United States. For your reflection, I would like you to reflect on at least one policy from another country that you think the United States should adopt and at least one that you don’t think the United States should adopt either because you disagree with the policy or you don’t think it would work for whatever reason in the United States.

Mostly I want to see that you actually watched the film and that you reflected deeply on it. If you agree with all of the policies showed in the film, please try to think critically about why it might be hard to adopt at least one of them in the United States. If you disagree with all of the policies in the film, please discuss the one that is least aversive to you and why.

Again, please just show me that you watched the film and reflected deeply on it.

Unfortunately I am not aware of any sites that are streaming the film for free. The film can be rented on Amazon, YouTube, etc. I suspect there are free sites available but you have to search for them. If you can’t afford to rent the film and/or you can’t find a free version of the film, please let me know and I will give you an alternative journal (probably another less good but free film). I think this is a very provocative film, however, and I would like as many people to watch it as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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