which needs seem to be important to the employees of AIG’s Financial Products unit, management homework help

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For this assignment, please review the Module 2 Assignment case study, and then answer questions 1, 2, 3, & 4 only.

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For each question, be sure to discuss the reasoning behind your responses using the key topics from the Module 2 chapter material that you feel are relevant.

Also, please relate specific information provided in the case to the Module 2 chapter material.


1. What types of work behaviors did AIG intend to encourage through its retention bonus plan?

2. which needs seem to be important to the employees of AIG’s Financial Products unit?

3. Using the model of the individual-organizational exchange relationship, explain the relationship that employees of AIG’s Financial products unit believed they had with the company. How was this exchange relationship violated?

4, Which motivation theory do you think has the most relevance for understanding the responses of the Financial Product employees to the implementation and unraveling of the retention bonus plan? Explain the reasoning behind your answer.,

Chapter Topic List

Personality, Emotions, & Mood

Attitudes & Job Satisfaction

Motivation at Work

This is the outline of this chapter, you need to rely on these three related information to answer these four questions. If you need more chapter material i can give you, or you can learn from the Google.

Attention: Don’t copy online information!!!


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