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Fraud triangle is person or persons in a department is committed a fraud. “Donald R. Cressey in 1950 came up with this hypothesis to explain why people commit fraud.” (Albusiness.com/the-fraud-triangle-and-what-you-can-do-about-it-4968017-1.html.). The three key elements are opportunity, motivation, and rationalization.

Opportunity is when they have access to assets and all of the information they need to commit fraud. “Employees are given access to records and valuables so they can do their jobs.” and the person that comes to mind would be any one that work with money.

Motivation is a good question; why would anyone want to commit fraud, because if they get caught they are going to jail, but it “pressure or a need” it a lot of reason why a person fraud, it could be medicals bills, household bills like their utility might be getting cut off, no food, in the homes, there rent is due, or their children need clothes or shoes for school, or they could have a drugs or a gambling problem.

The last one is rationalize this one is “determining that committing fraud is ok.” They feel like if they borrow just a little no one will notice, and they also have convince themselves that they can pay it back and do not think it fraud.

When someone is saying that fraud is being committee in a business this is a red flag, and you should not ignore it, and someone should take action to investigate the situation and determine if a fraud as been committed it could be just and error.

Most types of fraud would be employer and management “It is say that majority of a fraud case are committed by employees, and the median loss of fraud is committed by managers.” This you are employee red flags,” their lifestyle changes they might be driving expensive cars, have better looking clothes; wear expense jewelry that you know they cannot afforded. They are having debt and credit problems, there behavioral change, they take vacation all the time, they do not want other people, or get nerves when people want to look at their book or paper work.


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