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Here are the details of the first Commonplace Book writing assignment.

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Choose 5 quotes from the material we have read so far. Choose ones you really understand. For each quote:

(the materal are atteched under these homework)

  1. Give the quote
  2. Give the citation including page number
  3. Write a paragraph/bullet on the meaning of the quote in context.
  4. Write a paragraph/bullet on the meaning of the quote to modern business.
  5. Write a paragraph/bullet on the significance of the quote to your life.

Valid comparisons or contrasts with ideas from other writers are worth a little extra credit. Extra credit is also available for presentation of more than one viewpoint (‘Some may say … but I think …)

Do not use the work and ideas of others (or your own previous work) without properly giving credit where credit is due.

If you sit together when you work on the paper itself, use different quotes. If I see that you have done the same quotes and used the same ideas, even with different words, I will split the grade between the “contributors”. In short, the ideas and writing are to be yours alone and should be newly created for this assignment.

Please do not write more than one typed page per quote. If you cover the topic well, less than one page per quote will be fine. Please do the upload of a Word or PDF file containing your work before class, on the day it is due. Please bring a stapled paper copy of your work to class the day it is due.

Attached are two examples of “A” papers from a previous class. They are used by permission of the authors, although I am not giving the authors’ names. You are not seeing my grading comments, just the papers as they were submitted – there may be a few minor mistakes in them.


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