Why use open source software? (​Discussion Board)

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Discussion Board.

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Answer the question: Why use open source software?

Then leave a comment on the both answers below.

1.) It is difficult to NOT use open source software, because every time you stream movies, surf the web, or check your email, you’re using open source software. So, the real questions is why not? Open source software is extremely advantageous, because of two reasons: security and stability. First, the risk of defects, or bugs, are lowered with open source software. These bugs can cause data loss, incorrect operation, or sudden failures. However, since anyone can use it, once someone detects a bug, they can fix it within hours! This helps keep open source programs secure. Next, stability is a key advantage of open source software. Because open source software conforms to standards so closely, there is rarely a need to change or update it. If the program works the way you need, the pressure to upgrade dissipates.

2.) There are several reasons to use open source software. The first is security. Because it is an open source, if a user finds a kink or problem, it is usually fixed quickly before damage spreads to other users. Next is control. The users can choose which parts of the program to use as well as change the parts of the program that they don’t like. Training is easy because everyone has access to the software and they can use it as a resource as they develop other software. Finally, there is stability. Most open source software has been around for a lengthy period of time. It is available for use on projects that are planned over an extended period of time. Open source is about sharing and working with others to develop the best possible software for users. It is out there and it is available. We need to use it.


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