Wk 5, MKT 574: DQ

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APA format

175 – 265 words

Cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference

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Do not answer questions in transcript attachment

Respond to the following:

Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What is your view of SBC’s strategic marketing strategy?
  • What is your view of SBC’s use of social media for its target market?
  • What were some of your frustrations you noted in the team project throughout the exercise?
  • How would you resolve similar challenges in the workplace?

MKT 574 Module 2 Interactive Analysis: Digital and Social Media

Slide 1

Title: Interactive Analysis: Digital and Social Media

Slide 2

Title: Scenario

You have been hired as the marketing manager in a remote team of four persons. The team is tasked with writing an assessment of SBC’s current marketing strategy and use of social media marketing to its target market. The report will give its recommendations if any for potential improvements for SBC. Your collaboration tools include email, video conference, telephone and IM.

Slide 3

Title: About You


Eastern region (ET). Marketing manager with 10 years of experience, and you are acting as team lead on this task. This is your first team project as you are new to the company.

Slide 4

Title: Meet Your Colleagues

Gus: Southeastern (EST). Branding specialist with 3 years of experience.

Marcy: Northeastern (EST). Marketing category expert with 10 years of experience at the company.

Andrew: North
western (PST). Digital merchandising analyst with 5 years of experience.

Slide 5

Title: Initial Team Meeting

As this task involves close collaboration between team members in different time zones, an initial meeting is needed to lay the groundwork for the task to be completed.

You would like to meet the team via video conference at 11 am EST the following day for one hour. The conference information is included in the schedule request.

Slide 6

Title: Initial Team Meeting

You send out an email invite and everyone has accepted the invitation.

Slide 7

Title: Initial Team Meeting

It is 11AM the next day and you click on the conference link to join the meeting.

Slide 8

A video conference screen opens.

[You to Everyone]

For this report, our team needs to assess SBC’s current digital and social media marketing strategy and recommend any improvements.

Does anyone have any initial thoughts?

[Marcy to Everyone]

I’ve been with this company for 10 years and from my experience SBC is doing just fine and does not need any major changes.

[Andrew to Marcy]

I disagree with you Marcy and think that SBC should allow for some digital marketing through their website. From my experience, digital merchandising is a viable channel in addition to brick and mortar.

[From Gus to Everyone]

So, I think that…never mind since people are being rude.

Marcy go ahead since you seem to know it all.

Slide 9

Title: Resolving Team Personality Conflicts

One team member has become discouraged and defensive towards another team member. As team lead on the project and meeting organizer, what should you do to alleviate the tension?

1. Ask Gus to get his thoughts out faster as the meeting time is winding down.

2. Encourage the team to go with Marcy because of her experience.

3. Acknowledge Marcy’s suggestion but state that the entire team needs to present ideas and then divide up the tasks evenly.

Slide 10

Title: Feedback

1. Try Again.

2. Try Again. Gus grows even more disinterested in further conversation. Andrew joins in solidarity because of how Marcy is treating Gus.

3. This is a good strategy as it acknowledges Marcy’s contribution while encouraging the others.

Slide 11

[You to Everyone]

Okay, Marcy. Your opinions are much appreciated. Before we make a final decision, let’s hear from everyone.

[Andrew to Everyone]

As I stated before, I think the company should look into digital merchandising opportunities with its website.

[Gus to Everyone]

I’m not entirely sure, but I think there may be more they could do with their social media networks.

[Andrew to You]

What do you think about this? What should we do next?

Slide 12

Title: Distributing Work Assignments

What do you think the team should do?

A. Encourage the team to go with Marcy because of her experience. She has been with the company and knows the ins and outs of working with this client.

B. Explain the task is to assess SBC’s strategy and make sound recommendations. So, this would warrant investigating and commenting on the different perspectives. Ask members to state what they will do.

Slide 12A

The following conversation takes place if you select A.

[From Gus and Andrew to You]

We don’t agree.

[From You to Everyone]

I think we should go with Marcy’s suggestion. Since we do not need to analyze here, each person can summarize the current SBC strategy, write up the key points and then proofread.

Marcy, you can decide SBC’s current use of the brick/mortar stores. Gus and Andrew can talk about the current website, and I talk about the current social media strategy.

Slide 13A

Title: Feedback

Consider how you more evenly divide the work.

Slide 12B

The following conversation takes place if you select B.

[From Marcy to Everyone]

I can review SBC’s current strategy and make a suggestion.

[From Andrew to Everyone]

I can investigate SBC’s option to get into digital merchandising and present the pros and cons.

[From Gus to Everyone]

I can look at improvements in the current social media websites and microsite strategies that we are using.

[From You to Everyone]

I will work on improvements for the overall social media strategy other than using microsites.

Okay, then. Let’s work on this further through email.

Slide 14

Title: Analysis

What improvements to social media are you including to go with the recommendations in the report?


Slide 15

Title: Feedback

SBC could utilize professional bicycle industry influencers, mobile marketing, and/or targeted ads on social media.

Slide 16

Title: Wrapping It Up

Now that you have received work from each contributor, how would you finalize the material?

1. Finalize the report and proofread. Email a copy directly to each team member.

2. Call another meeting to go over a draft of the report and to proofread together.

3. Email the group a draft of the report. Ask each team member to respond with comments and/or concerns.

Slide 17

Title: Feedback

1. Try Again.

2. Try Again.

3. Good choice. This method allows each team member to have a say in the final document.

Slide 18

Title: Final Submission

Strong work staying with the issues and finding an optimal solution with your colleagues.

Return to your course in Blackboard where you will revise and submit the final information.


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