wk7 dq2

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490 wk6 dq2. 100-150 words

The team members within your IT project team are becoming complacent and lazy about the project. Describe the training, team-building activities, or reward system you would use to increase the team’s motivation.

Replies. 75-100 words

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A Francheska Janosik

I have found a lot of the time that open communication with your team can make a huge difference in the long run, talking to them about their work ethics can help put them back on the proper path. I have also seen the incentive to be a great push too when you set goals and milestones for the workers to meet and then there being incentives for meeting those goals. Like milestone one they get a free lunch, or points for the company that with a certain amount they can start buying things from the company site. You can also make the offer a progression, a thing that is on the table for the proper completion of the project, not for milestones. Give them the ability to fix the training requirements that are not up to par or that is not working well.

B Chad Pope

I would hope that I could discover a definitive reason for the apathetic behavior of my project team members. I know it is frustrating to reach the point in a task or project where one is waiting for someone else to complete their part before one can continue. I would try to incorporate specific skills training to any area that might be causing a bottleneck. I would also try to leverage some psychological preference indicator tools in team building sessions. I would likely avoid physical challenges. Not all team members may be able to participate. Finally, I might institute a recognition program for high performing employees with a small reward like a gift card each month.

C Jordan Ehresman

It is important to recognize that every time will be diverse and compiled of unique individuals with specific skillsets and motivating factors. According to Schwalbe (2018) there are three categories of individuals specific needs which are achievement based, affiliation based and power based. Identifying where each team member falls in these categories can allow for the leadership to most efficiently utilize their workforce and mitigate a lack of motivation. Achievement based people are those who have an elevated need for achievement and not motivated directly by money (but it can be a motivating aspect) and need frequent feedback. Affiliation based people require harmonious group relationships and a desire for group acceptance. These individuals thrive in cooperative settings. Power based individuals aim to achieve personal or institutional power and often thrive in leadership roles. Beyond understanding the work force and avoiding placing individuals in situations not suited to their needs it is important to provide teams motivational boosts through training, actives and reward systems when they may be lacking the desire to give it their all. Implementing e-training modules that can be utilized as needed can grant the team a boost in a timely manner when deemed fit. From my experience at my organization we utilize e training for cyber security routinely and after completely these training session I feel my awareness in this area is boosted.

430 WK7 DQ2. 100-150 WORDS

Which is more important to an organization, physical security or cybersecurity, and why? Provide examples that demonstrate the weight of value an organization would have for one over the other, where physical outweighs cyber and where cyber outweighs physical.


A Idrisu Rabiu

Physical security is the most vital aspect of workplace safety and there is not a single best solution to address a physical IT security function within an organization. Physical security protects organizational data by limiting access to spaces where data are stored.

Physical security involves CCTV surveillance, protective barriers, warning signs, access control, perimeter intrusion detection, fire protection systems, alarms, security locks, gate fences, barbed wires, deterrents, and more. 

If physical security of an organization where the computer systems and the networking equipment are located is not proper, the cyber security of the host computers can be compromised. So, both are equally important in protecting the entire IT infrastructure of an organization.

B Olatunbosun Osifowode

To begin this, both physical security and cybersecurity are important to organizations, as they help protect against different types of threats. It’s difficult to say which is more important, as the relative importance of each will depend on the specific organization and its needs. For example, a bank may place a greater emphasis on physical security, as it needs to protect valuable assets and large amounts of money. On the other hand, a technology company may place a greater emphasis on cybersecurity, as it needs to protect sensitive information and intellectual property. In general, it’s important for organizations to take a holistic approach to security, and to implement both physical and cybersecurity measures to protect against a range of potential threats.

C Joshua Skinner

I believe due to the society that we currently reside in cyber security is slightly more important that physical security. Physical security in information security deals with the protection provided to information technology infrastructure that hosts the information systems. It usually deals with the blocking or denying of access to an individual to specific classified or lockdown hardware. When dealing with cybersecurity its usually the protection of the software part of the information system. Because this particular data can be accessed remotely it becomes slightly more important to ensure that proper security measures are in place to prevent the unwanted access of cybercriminals or hackers. I believe 30-40 years ago the importance of physical security might have outweighed the importance of cybersecurity however, due to the digital age we are living in, cybersecurity has a slight advantage, but I wouldn’t say by much as I believe both are very important and needed to protect information and data.


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