Work Experience Analysis. answer question. 2 page

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I have a sample. Just imitate it. The working is about hospitality management.

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Step 1: Download the sample assignment and review, type the date, your name and section (-1 if the name, date and section is incomplete)

Step 2: Review the resources to help you to begin thinking about the content of the assignment

Step 3: Begin witting using the sample assignment file! Total length (including questions) should be 1000 words or longer, 8 possible points

  • Describe or list at least five things that you learned. This list represents knowledge that you have acquired. (1 point)
  • Describe at least five things that you did. These are skills that you have. (1 point)
  • Make a list of at least five actions and behaviors that you exhibit on the job. How would a similar list read if written by a coworker? How about if the list came from a supervisor? These represent the perception that others will have of your attitudes toward your work and the work environment. (2 point)
  • Mention at least five contributions you made or things that you accomplished. (1 point)
  • What are at least five areas (knowledge, skills, and or attitudes) that you need to develop or would like to improve or enhance (2 points, must be on submission and test link, points awarded on test link)
  • Based on what you you have learned about yourself as a leader, what are at least five areas (Knowledge, skills and attitudes) that you believe are your strengths a leader? (2 points, must be on submission and test link, points awarded on test link)

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