Write 10 pages with APA style on The Comparison of Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy in Brazil and Argentina.

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Write 10 pages with APA style on The Comparison of Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy in Brazil and Argentina. The Brazilian military coup was staged in 1964 due to the fact that the then President Joao Goulart regime’s socialist policies led to serious economic problems. Subsequently, there developed a deep resentment by the middle class towards the communist system due to wide wage reductions (Pion-Berlin 3). They therefore resorted to violent military insurgency and labor strikes to air and pursue a lasting solution to the challenges at the time. This was informed by the pro-poor fiscal and economic reforms that the level of economic production could not effectively support (Pion-Berlin 3). This led to the then anti-unionist politicians to co-opt the military intervention as a stop-gap measure to correct the social, economic and political imbalances that existed at the time (Pion-Berlin 4). The Argentinean coup of 1976 followed a similar pattern with Brazil because President Peron capitalized on the established constitutional order to create a potent trade union caucus. In order to maintain its influence and control, the president’s popular movement overran democratic entitlements of his critics and political foes that drew their support from the middle class (Pion-Berlin 4).

This paper will therefore explore the differences in the military interventions between Brazil and Argentina as well as their similarities. It will also explore albeit in a limited way on the consequences of the same. The paper is organized into four parts with the first part detailing the nature of the military dictatorships. the next part will focus on the similarities between the two military regimes. The third part will explore the divergent approaches to the introduction of democratic reforms by the two military governments while the last part will be a conclusion of the study.


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