Write 17 pages with APA style on The Effects of Social Networking among the Youth.

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Write 17 pages with APA style on The Effects of Social Networking among the Youth. Social networking websites today don’t only allow one to connect with, friends. it also helps in meeting new friends, sharing pictures, and keeping up with the latest updates in people’s lives. Social media can be considered a great invention in the world of technology. However, along with its many obvious advantages, the huge impact of social media on the lives of the youth is sometimes not a positive one.

Therefore, it is necessary to examine the effects of social networks that are present today, and how these have changed the way college students interact socially and in their life as a whole.


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Social networks are not only limited to websites. There are other creative applications that can be downloaded on cellular devices to make the use of social networks easier.

Social media not only has social implications but it has also redefined many other concepts, marketing in particular. Where previously advertisement was done via television, newspapers, billboards, etc… social media like Facebook is the new thing. The younger generation of today has a complete novice idea about the marketplace, for them, it is virtual thanks to social media. One might argue that virtual shopping place is the concept introduced by the internet and it is true to some extent. However, social media has boosted the virtual marketplace to a completely new dimension.cx

In short, it can be said that social media has completely redefined the lives of the youth in several many dimensions. The purpose of this study is to establish if this changed lifestyle is for better or worst. This question is extremely important to answer so that if social media is doing more harm than it is doing good, considerable efforts need to be made by society to unhook the youth, which are addicted to social media.

Literature Review

The purpose of this review is to examine why the younger generation is labeled as those who use social networks the most, and what are the pros and cons and their effects and impacts on lives.

According to the website www.joe.org, “Youth no longer just “hang out” at the mall, the bowling alley, or the fair. Compared to generations of the past, this group of millennial youth knows how to network with their friends better than ever.


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