Write 6 pages thesis on the topic economic and political systems of the us, japan, and south africa.

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic economic and political systems of the us, japan, and south africa. World War I, World War II, the cold war, nationalism, post-cold war, and decolonization are the most famous events that marked the 20th century. There was an increased awareness of independence that saw increased political activism that led to the independence of most countries. As countries gained independence, they began developing and growing their economy in an attempt to gain superiority over other nations.

The United States is a federal republic constituting 50 states united together under one president who is the head of the government and state. It is made up of a bicameral legislature with legislative power resting with both the Senate and the House of Representatives making up the Congress. The two chambers of the legislature and the judiciary share reserved power where Congress makes laws while the judiciary interprets the laws, the constitution, and regulations. The president, who was elected through the electorate college, was the head of the executive arm of the government. The 20th century demarcates a time of enormous changes in the political life of the United States. The era began with the election of Theodore Roosevelt as the Vice-President in 1900 and later becoming the president in 1901 when McKinley was assonated (I September – Leon Czolgosz, 1-94). However, a larger part of the political system of the United States is largely influenced by the decisions of the founding fathers who were seeking a different system from their colonial master, the British. The changes in the system, have so far been a result of the power given to Congress to redraft the constitution and to make new laws.

Just like any country, the fundamental principles upon which the United States is governed is enshrined in the constitution which is considered the shortest with only seven article and 27 amendments. The constitution provides for a separation of power&nbsp.between the three arms of the government i.e. judiciary, executive, and legislation, with checks and balances so that no arm of the government can misuse its power (R Bellamy – Political Studies, 436-456).

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