Write a 250 word response to this answer in regards to cyber domain

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Write a 250 word response to this answer in regards to cyber domain.

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Yes I will agree that there is such a thing as a cyber domain. The cyber domain is different in aspect that it is not naturally created. Man did not have to do anything to create aerospace, sea, land, or out space. People were able to exploit land, air, and sea without using technology. We were able to walk or ride horses, build wooden boats to travel the seas, and use hot air balloons to go into the air. Once we introduced technology we were then able to travel faster we built cars to travel faster on land, submarines to travel the waters, and airplanes to travel in the sky. Although outer space is not man made we were not able to do anything without building technology to make it happen. We build satellites to place into orbit for communications and GPS. With cyber space it is man made with and technology and requires technology for it to be used. Another thing that differentiates the cyber domain is that using it can affect the four natural domains in a positive or negative way. We depend heavily on technology and internet connections to provide communications in space, air, water, and land and the cyber domain touches all of those domains in today’s age. I would also say that the cyber domain is not different from aerospace, sea, land, and outer space in the fact the technology has helped for us to use all to our advantage. Man made things have helped us use all of the four natural domains to our advantage. Just because the cyber domain is manmade does not make it any less of a domain. Exploiting vulnerabilities in the cyber space can allow for attackers to turn off power grids, or gain secret information that can hider our military defense.

I can see where Libicki’s view that we policy makers should be concerned with what can and should be done to defend and attack network systems and communications. Having a tighter control on the data that is leaving or going into systems will lower the risk of threats. Also having tighter controls on personal and what they do on the networks is very important. Also having as much control as possible on the manufactures of the equipment and software we use. Policy makers can’t just look at the cyber domain as being like the other four domains it takes they eye off of being proactive and offensive with cyber operations.


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