Write a 5 pages paper on implications of the new logics of the digital media environment for careys ritual view of communication.

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Write a 5 pages paper on implications of the new logics of the digital media environment for careys ritual view of communication. Society exists in transmission and communication as processes. A society’s way of life is made possible through distributed information transactions and communication channels (Carey, 1989). Communication in a society’s interpretation can therefore be split into a transmission view of communication and a ritual view of communication.

James Carey put the ritual view of communication as a communication theory forward. He explains the term ‘communication’ as a construction of reality in symbols that uphold, represent, and are shared in a society’s beliefs. Communication influences the social transformation of society over time. He states that the ritual view is particularly in the form of participation, sharing, fellowship, association, and possession of similar faith. This was an exploit of ancient terms such as communion, community, commonness, and communication. This view of communication is channeled towards the maintenance of society in time. Community ideals such as stories, plays, speech strings, and architecture create information symbolism of social processes (Carey, 1989).

The view is however not dominant in quite a number of societies in the world today. This is because the concept of culture is weak in such societies. If the ritual view was embraced in the analysis of news articles in magazines and newspapers, the focus would be on a wide range of problems in examining the articles. News writing and reading is a ritual act where information availed to the reader is not pure information but rather portraying competing forces in different parts of the world. This model is not viewed as a source of information acquisition but rather as a platform for the reader to join in the competing forces as an observer. The functions or effects of the message are not addressed in the news in respective newspapers, journals, and magazines. The&nbsp.message rather tackles the involvement and representation of the reader structuring their lifestyle.&nbsp.

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