write a literature review paper

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Topic: Public health microbiology: recent (2015-2018)
– Cases of pandemic outbreaks, how were they contained

Attached are the guidelines.

Attached are the approved references (11 references in total. I can only download 4 as of now, when accepted, I will send the rest of the references)

Students are expected to write a literature review paper on a topic relevant to microbiology. The chosen topic may
not cover an event more than 5 years old. You are encouraged to start your research paper as early in the
semester as you possibly can. Your choice of topic may reflect your personal interests, support your career goals or
nurture your inherent intuition and curiosity. Have enough time to gather literature, write, revise, revise some more,
and turn in a scholarly paper. Maximum page limit is 10 (MINIMUM 8 pages), double spaced, AMA (American Medical Association)


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