Write a paper describing the individual as manager with 3 basic managerial skills and also describe Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles? For each skills and roles, you must give an example in your paper. I h

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Write a paper describing the individual as manager with 3 basic managerial skills and also describe Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles? For each skills and roles, you must give an example in your paper.

I have a previous document for this assignment, but skills and roles need to be specified more clearly in the document and for each management skill there should be 1 real-life example. The previously prepared document is attached.

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Write a paper describing the individual as manager with 3 basic managerial skills and also describe Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles? For each skills and roles, you must give an example in your paper. I h
Individual as Manager with 3 Basic Management Skills Management is vital in organizations and is what makes things to be in order. It is this that makes various organizations to spend much time and money in selection, appointing and training people to fill vacant posts of managers in their organizations. As a manager therefore, one needs to possess certain skills and expertise to effectively carry their roles and responsibilities. Essentially, the main five functions of a manager are to plan, organize, direct, coordinating and controlling. All these needs the right expertise and skills together with necessary human and financial support. Some of the basic skills that the manager must posse include communication skills, problem solving and decision making. The person manager, is a leader and must lead by example at all times. As a leader they must involve in the activities that the company needs done. It is this that at times makes them to do some activities by themselves. If they do this a director, when they will delegate the responsibilities the workers can effectively carry it out knowing that the leader can do it. Similarly, proper communication skills are necessary and mandatory for a manager to help them in delegating duties to the subordinates. Giving instructions and directions needs people who have the best communication skills to avoid subordinates from misinterpretations or carrying out the opposite duty. Proper communications also help in solving problems and handling issues that arise within the organization. Another skill that is vital for a manager is the problem-solving skill. Problem handling needs someone who is astute, keen and tactical. A manger should be astute to know the approaches that they may need in solving a problem, identifying the problems and how to plan and prevent their reoccurrences. Keenness in problem solving is needed to help in the selection of the best approach and elimination of the risks inherent in each approach taken to solve a problem. As a problem solver therefore, the manager must be very tactical in all the operations with remedies and strategies put in pace for every risk that may arise from any approach taken (Kerrin, p. 6). Besides the position of a manager is to handle and solve various problems that arise within and outside the organization. Moreover, a manager needs to be a good decision maker. Decision making is a skill. A manager needs it to help in determining when to make a business investment, analyze and when to act. Besides, management is all about making vital and critical decisions that will help the company move to a notch higher level. Decision making calls for keenness and being a risk taker. A manager thus also must be a keen risk taker. The person manager thus must be a decision maker to make the right decision in the company more so those that will bring great returns to the company. Mintzberg’s Management Roles According to Mintzberg, a manager is the brain of some companies. A manager to him must be in a position to figurehead, lead, liaise, monitor, disseminator, spokesperson, an entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and a negotiator. As a figurehead, a manager is the soul decision maker and direction giver of what is to be done at every stage like coming up with marketing strategies that will bring returns. Mintzberg believes that a manager is a leader and must lead in all activities meaning that the manager is the one who directs all and is at the forefront of every activities. An example of a manager as a leader is demonstrating how some activities are to be done. Monitoring is the ability to supervise how things are done. Meaning that a manager as a monitor, is the standard setter for all the activities in the firm hence if they do not approve the standards of the workers’ duties they must be redone. They are to guide and show the subordinates what they are to do and watch them do it to perfection to fetch returns. A manager as a disseminator is the chief commander. Meaning all communications and information comes from him. As a spokesperson he makes business deals and negotiations that helps the company to maximize profits. Nevertheless, a manager has to be an entrepreneur meaning that they must be risk assessors and opportunity grabbers. As an entrepreneur, they are expected to identify the opportunities that the company has to survive depressions and peaks. Besides, they have to know the resources available that can be harnessed to improve the outcomes of the company. An entrepreneur is a business opportunist and job creator hence a manager should be creating job and business opportunities for the company from nothing. Disturbances are inevitable in a company and therefore a good manager should be one who can solve and handle problem issues that arise thereof. A disturbance handle is a problem solver and a manager must be in a position to handle all the disturbances like strikes, low sales and bad names. A manager is the head of the company on behalf of the business owners therefore, they should be able to allocate resources well based on the returns that they are likely to give. A manager should thus identify business opportunities that has greater returns and allocate the better junk of funds in them to earn the company more returns. Negotiation is all about reaching a consensus. A manager must be a negotiator to get the company in better deals with the workers, business partners and customers. References Kerrin, Myres, M. Anastacia Mamabolo, and Tumo Kele. “Entrepreneurship management skills requirements in an emerging economy: A South African outlook.” The Southern African Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management 9.1 (2017): 1-10. Mintzberg, Henry, and Oliver Laasch. “Mintzberg on (ir) responsible management.” Research Handbook of Responsible Management. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.


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