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Should we impose congressional term limits (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Should we impose congressional term limits

Next, in 6-8 sentences you will answer the following: Do we need to impose term limits for members of Congress? Make sure to also respond in 2-4 sentences at least ONE of your peers responses.


Currently members of Congress are allowed unlimited terms. Such is a hindrance to democracy and should be resolved. I speak in favor of this amendment to limit MCs (Members of Congress) terms for several reasons. Firstly, longer serving MCs cease to provide new ideas for the advancement of the democracy. They stick to their older ideas that they brought with them when they were first elected and now need changing to better the state of the country. Secondly, they serve as a hindrance to new, younger, and more energetic aspiring lawmakers who seek a position in Congress. This prevents new idea from reaching Congress and does not provide any challenge to the older and obsolete ideas that reside in Congress. Thirdly, term limits prevent corruption from infesting our government and destroying it within. Imposing term limits will put a stop to the same corrupt politicians serving over and over again in Congress.


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