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You must pick one of the readings (they are brief this time), read the entire selection and then write a one page reaction paper. Do NOT write a summary. Instead write three specific paragraphs: Identification, Analysis and Opinion/Reaction. Below you will find the suggested analyses and pertinent terms. Please follow directions and proofread/edit your papers before turning in.

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Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin:

Analyze the Crusades as a whole, look at the big picture. What influence on the present day do the Crusades still have? How has the Crusades shaped the relationship between Muslims and Christians? Islam came from the West, like Judaism & Christianity, so what happened in World History to drive a wedge between Islam and the West?

Magna Carta:

The Magna Carta is the foundation of British Government, including both the British Constitution and Parliament. The Magna Carta is also an influence on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. How did the Magna Carta come to shape two of the most powerful nations on earth? What rights in the Magna Carta do we still have in America today? What does American Government get from the Magna Carta?

The Prince:

Machiavelli took the realism of the Renaissance and applied it to history and politics. Machiavelli is called the Father of Political Science, what is it that he did which was so groundbreaking? How is Machiavelli a Humanist?

Capture of Jerusalem:

Middle Ages
First Crusade
Third Crusade
Pope Urban II
Battle of Horns of Hattin
Ayyubid Dynasty
Richard I
Frederick I
Phillip II

Magna Carta:
King John I
Middle Ages
Limited Power of Executive
Habeas Corpus
House of Lords

The Prince:
Political Science


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