writing and research part 2

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Assignment Purpose and Objectives: An Annotated Bibliography (“Literature Review”) gathers and summarizes information about your research topic into one document. Its purpose is to create a reference sheet reminding you of your various sources (their relevance to your paper, their research methodologies and data, and their specific arguments). It also preserves a record of research about your topic which may be shared with both your immediate readers and the broader audience the topic may influence and attract (others in your specific field, communities impacted by issues within the scope of your research, etc.). A main objective is to demonstrate your ability to combine citations found in a References List or Works Cited page in APA format with useful annotations (summary explanations) about each of the sources you are using.

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Assignment Expectations and Requirements: In a series of clearly written entries on a minimum of three (3) sources, make sure to address the following: • Selectively choose the sources you have determined are most relevant to your topic. • Cite the sources in proper APA format. The citations should be organized in alphabetical order by author just as in an APA References page. • Include a brief summary of the source in your own words (approximately 5-6 sentences), so the reader has a clear idea of the purpose, content, and usefulness of the text. Do not simply copy and paste the article’s abstract (if it has one). • Include a short quotation (no more than one paragraph) from within the source that you are considering using in your paper. • After the summary and quotation, offer a one or two-paragraph explanation of how the source is relevant to your research. This evaluation should be specific. Do not simply say “I think this source is good,” but describe why (“… because it highlights key issue “x”). See the “Useful Prompts” section below for examples of questions you could answer.

Useful Prompts: Consider answering some or all of the following questions to help you write a focused annotation: • Content: What is the resource about? Is it relevant to your research? • Purpose: What is it for? Why was the article or book written? • Usefulness: What does it do for your research (i.e. helps evidence your argument)? • Reliability: Is the information accurate? Do other sources support the conclusions? • Authority: Is it written by someone who has the expertise to author the information? • Currency: Is it new? Is it up-to-date for the topic?

Evaluation Criteria: As you prepare the bibliography for submission, keep in mind the following: Make sure the sources reflect the focus you have developed for your topic/line of inquiry. Utilizing the “Useful Prompts” suggestions, offer thoughtful and complete annotations that address the

Assignment Expectations and Requirements” listed above. Citations must adhere to APA format. See also the grading rubric on the next page. Length and Formatting: You need at least three (3) sources of various types (articles found on the databases, reputable websites or blogs, etc.), so a minimum of 3-4 pages is necessary. APA format. Typed double-spaced; default 1-inch margins; Times New Roman, font size 12. Include your name, class, and date on the upper left-hand side of the first page. Include page numbers on the lower right-hand side of all pages.


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