writing second partII for Research Paper/ Add content to a original long paper/ Depression/10-14pages/ health issue

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Add second part II content to the original long paper

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(I will provide the original long paper later)

Research Paper Outline – Part II (Proposal)(10-14pages) —–design the research method and analysis

I. Research Methods & Audience Analysis (about 3 pages)

1. Data Collection (about 2 pages)

How would you collect data (i.e., quantitative and/or qualitative)? From whom would you collect data? How many people would ideally participate in your study? Why? What information is most important for you to obtain? Provide examples of survey and/or interview & focus group questions. Be as specific as possible and justify rationale for methodological decisions.

2. Project Design (about 1 page)

Who are primary and secondary audiences? Why? How would audiences be segmented? In other words, what variables/characteristics do you think would be most relevant for grouping people? Explain rationale.

II. Campaign Design: Channels & Messages (3-4 pages)

1. Campaign Channels (1.5-2 pages)

Which communication channel(s) would your campaign use (e.g., mass media, interpersonal, community events)? Why do you think these paths would be the best to reach selected audience(s) with your message?

2. Message Design (1.5-2 pages)

How would you frame messages? Consider the different message framing strategies we have discussed (e.g., gain frames, loss frames, fear appeals). Provide rationale. Who would deliver messages? Why?

III. Evaluation (1-2 pages)

How often would you formally evaluate the campaign? Why? What process and progress indicators would you evaluate (and how)? Why are these measures important?

How would you collect the necessary data to evaluate the campaign? From whom would you need to collect data?

IV: Conclusion (4-5 pages)

1. Discussion (1-1.5 pages)

Reiterate the importance of the proposed project. Consider the contributions your project could make.

2. Challenges (1-1.5 pages):

Consider potential challenges your proposed project may face and/or barriers that could hinder your ability to be successful. How could these challenges/barriers potentially be overcome?

3. Future Research (1-2 pages)

What related areas of research warrant additional research? Are there other groups or related topics that would benefit from additional attention?


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