Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on business objectives from an ethical perspective.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on business objectives from an ethical perspective. Business objectives from an ethical perspective

In order to achieve its objectives rightly, there are important measures a business has to refer to in its quest to achieve set objectives, these are the business ethics. Business ethics refers to a certain kind of applied or professional ethics, whose role in business is to make an examination of the manner in which moral values are followed in the business environment. It is important that a business, having set its objectives, devise ethical values to govern the manner in which it conducts its internal and external activities in achieving its set objectives. Business ethics defines the manner in which a business treats its staff, manages their affairs and responds to arising issues satisfactorily. At the same time, business ethics plays an important role in the way a business relates with its external environment, it ensures that competition is done in the best interest of all players in the industry. If a business fails to observe business ethics, then it is bound to affect its internal and external business operations including a possible confrontation with its stakeholders.

Pfizer being a global company. it has a global vision of researching, manufacturing and delivering medicines for all people around the world. In this understanding, the company has created a statement upon which it operates, that is, “good health is vital” to all people. It has a major corporate objective of producing medicines that can prevent several diseases, currently. the company is working extensively to produce medicines that can cure and prevent some of the world’s most terminal diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer among others.

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