Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on corporate social responsibility in organizations & the community.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on corporate social responsibility in organizations & the community. The governments of the United States (local, state and federal) participate significantly in addressing crime issues. The governments have a moral and social responsibility to ensure observance of all regulations and laws, and to develop a safe and harmonious American society. In most cases, the federal government is responsible for initiating the basic features of law development and enforcement (Lagarde, 1994). The federal governments also play critical roles in the provision of resources to the state and local institutions, whose key function is to adopt and implement the law.

The research also analyzes the survey data that explains the public policy issue of crime in the present political context. A key survey finding illustrates that the Democrats are likely to increase the levels of crime. On the same note, the African American and also the Suburban democrats greatly explain that reduction in the crime levels is the most important issues that should be addressed by the governments of the United States (Woll, 1974). This finding is very unique and interesting, because the suburban democrats did not illustrate in the survey that the crime levels are increasing.

Policies can be made to govern or control any concept or issue in the society. Usually, the reason for the policy making is a problem in the society that requires a solution which can only be achieved by setting up goals and objectives. In our society, there are a number of problems which cannot be solved on an individual basis. They require the input of a group which potentially is the whole community. It is the responsibility of the society to ensure that its moral values are upheld. It is often only logical that if an elder member of the society finds teenagers misbehaving, they should correct them and probably see to it that the teenagers revere their mistakes (Jay, 2014).

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However, the contemporary society denotes everything in a different manner.

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