Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on correct work with the word.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on correct work with the word. We appreciate all your effort in ensuring that our event is a success. We look forward to continuing working with you to make the event unforgettable. Five ways to position the cursor are.

To add text in a document, involve the mouse or keyboard to position the pointer where the addition of text is intended, then typing. If some text is selected, typing over-writes the selected section of text.

Click or involve the keyboard arrows to position the pointer of the cursor. Pressing the Delete key deletes the character or letters in front of the cursor. Pressing the Backspace key deletes the characters behind the cursor.&nbsp.To delete an entire document, select the entire document and press the backspace or Delete key.&nbsp.To move a paragraph down or up in the document, select the targeted paragraph. Use Alt+Shift and up Arrow to move up the text. Use Alt-Shift and Down Arrow to move down the text. This works for rows in tables, too. To adjust the formatting of some few words, or to adjust the formatting of an entire paragraph distinctly from its style. This type of formatting is known as direct formatting. If it is used often in the same document, a style can be created and applied to the style. New: this choice enables the creating of a new document of the same type. An example is a new word document, PowerPoint or Excel document.

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‘Print’ is the choice is used to send a document to a print for purposes of creating a hard copy on paper.

‘Open with’ is the feature is used in a case where the windows have several programs that can be used to open the document or several programs are compatible with the program.

‘Share With’ is the feature is useful in sharing a file over the internet or a local area network LAN.

‘Send to’ is the feature is essential in sending a file to another computer on a connected network.

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