Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the natural disasters in japan.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the natural disasters in japan. Japan has been both in history and presently subjected to numerous natural hazard disasters. The various types of natural disasters cause that has been of huge prevalence and occurrence in Japan are as discussed below.

An earthquake is a form of natural disaster that has hugely stricken Japan. Earthquake is among the top-most dangerous and destructive forms of natural hazards. They strike suddenly with a massive impact and little or even no warning. Earthquake occurs at any time in the day or night of the year. An earthquake devastates an entire region where it occurs. They are huge in magnitude and strength and have the potential to reduce buildings into a pile of rubble within seconds. They also kill and injure the regions’ of their occurrences inhabitants (Kingston, 2012 pg. 227).

Earthquakes are caused by massive landmasses, called plates, movements on the crust of the earth. The movements of the plates often cover larger areas of and since the plates are ever in a constant state of motion. As the plates move about one another, stresses are formed and accumulate until an abrupt fracture slippage occurs. The sudden release of stress by earth crust plates is what is called an earthquake. The earthquake has been prone to occurring in seismically active areas, and most are at the pacific basin and forms a belt. Japan experiences many earthquakes because its geographical and seismic nature and conditions tend to promote earthquakes’ factors favouring earthquakes.

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Earthquake causes the primary effects of violent movement of the ground and liquefaction. Liquefaction is when loose sandy soils with a high moisture content get separated when shaken by earthquake forces. The secondary effects of the earthquake include landslides, tsunamis, floods and fires. Landslides are especially of massive damage and frequently accounts for severe effects of earthquake such as loss of lives. Tsunamis are large sea waves that abruptly move the ocean floor and are caused by the earthquake.

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