Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the role of information security policy.

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the role of information security policy. Information security is divided into two main categories. They include information assurance, which means that, in case of theft, software malfunction, or natural disasters, there should be an external backup put in place to replace the data. An example of an offsite backup is an external hard disk. IT (information security) is also referred to as computer security. This means protecting any piece of technology with the capacity for storing information. Because in most companies, there are information security specialists whose main work is to safeguard the data and internal systems from any hacking or any other form of cyberattacks.

There are several reasons that would motivate an individual to steal information from the company. They include revenge for dismissal. Employees might feel that they were wrongfully dismissed and may decide to gain revenge against the organization by stealing valuable information and giving it to rival companies. This would be a tragic move, but it mostly depends on if the information was valuable to the other company. Corporate espionage is whereby rival employees infiltrate a company to steal its secrets and valuable information for personal gains. Extremist groups or activist groups who question the motives and objectives of a company may target it, especially if those objectives violate the environment, religion, or culture.

Rival companies usually steal information from other companies to gain a competitive edge. For example, if a company announced a new and innovative new product that has not yet been introduced into the market, other companies will try to obtain information while other companies will want to keep the product for themselves.&nbsp.The existence of policies and standards in the maintaining of security systems is vital to the company`s ability to store large amounts of data. There are several policies and standard that helps an organization safeguard their data and information.

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